Our Top Wedding Trends For 2020 and beyond!

Our top wedding trends for 2020 weddings strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern affairs. There’s nothing we love more than couples putting their own personal stamp on their big day. And, of course, helping our wonderful couples achieve a truly unique occasion. Wedding trends can offer the opportunity to include new, fresh and creative ideas that have not been seen before.

Check out some of our favourite wedding trends for 2020 and beyond below.

Our top wedding trends for 2020 weddings strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern affairs. Check out our favourite wedding trends here.

Wedding Trends For 2020

We all know that weddings came to a standstill in Spring 2020 due to Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean that your planning and inspiration should be put on hold. Weddings are now starting to take place again, and now is the time to flair up your creativity with some of our favourite wedding trends for 2020 and beyond.

Go Wild With Pampas Grass

While Pampas Grass is most commonly associated with boho style weddings, we’re seeing an increase in Pampas Grass used in more modern, minimal and even romantic style weddings. Its versatility and ability to transform any space makes it a real no brainer for those looking to branch out from the typical greenery and fresh floral designs.

wedding trends for 2020 pampas grass
wedding trends for 2020 pampas grass

Feel free to get creative with Pampas Grass. You can line your aisle and give your guests a perfect statement to talk about. Or indeed highlight your alter or ceremony table which would look extra special in those all-important photos.

Pampas Grass can also be used to accentuate other floral arrangements and will look amazing as wedding table centrepieces.

For added wow factor, use Pampas Grass to decorate your wedding arch. Using an asymmetrical design can really catch the eye of your guests.

Fixated On Floral Hoops

A cool yet budget-friendly wedding decor option is to use these stunning flower hoops. Simple but elegant, these hoops are easy to make yourself or indeed to hire in.

wedding trends for 2020 floral hoops

These stylish flower hoops would suit many a wedding style from boho chic to romantic, or modern to vintage. They are extremely versatile and can be used as a decorative focal point, photo backdrop or indeed as bridal party bouquets.

Go Crazy For Your Cookie Bar

Another of our favourite wedding trends for 2020 and beyond is a cookie bar. Cookies are a great little treat, and what better time for a treat than your wedding?!

We’ve had sweet tables. We’ve had coffee bars. We’ve had fish and chip vans. Now it’s time for the cookie bar to shine!

wedding trends for 2020 cookie bar

No matter your wedding theme we guarantee a cookie bar will be a welcome feature at your wedding. Your guests will also love you for it.

With such a variety of cookies available you can easily match many tastes. Pair your cookie bar with a milk table and you’re all set!

Get Crafty With Home Brewed Beverages

Ok so this one may be a little niche and will very much depend on your venue allowing you to bring in your own beverages but hear us out.

Home brewed beverages such as wine, beer, cider, gin and cordials can be a real talking point at your wedding. Your guests will feel extra special that you went to the effort to create your own beverages and may even want to take a few bottles home as souvenirs.

Wedding brews have increased in popularity lately, with the rise in craft beers and gins, many people are taking a keen interest in experimenting with their own flavours.

Brewing your own beverages can also save you a lot of money in your wedding budget which can be allocated to other areas. With all this in mind, it should come as no surprise as to why this is one of our top wedding trends for 2020 and beyond.

wedding trends for 2020 home brew

Make A Statement With Giant Balloons

If flowers really aren’t your thing, then maybe you’ll consider making a statement with some giant balloons as part of your eye catching wedding decor.

We absolutely love this and it’s definitely one of the more unique wedding trends on our list today. Whether you’re creating a particularly elegant colour theme, or want to design some spectacular focal points to your wedding, balloons may be just the ticket for you.

wedding trends for 2020 giant balloons

Flower walls have come and gone, photo booths are ever-popular, but why not create your own Instagram worthy photo backgrounds with a glamorous balloon backdrop? We’d place bets that this will be one of the most popular wedding trends in years to come.

If that doesn’t suit your wedding, why not create a truly spectacular balloon ceiling? Arches, garlands and balloon walls have grown in popularity in recent years but balloon ceilings are surging in demand right now.

Whether suspended, hung with garland or inflated with helium, balloon ceilings are a decorative element not experienced by many wedding guests and the impact can be exceptional.

Getting trendy with the latest wedding trends

Regardless of your theme, many of the wedding trends we have listed here can be incorporated into your big day to create a real “WOW” factor for you and your guests.

What is your favourite wedding trend for 2020 and beyond? Let us know in the comments!

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Our top wedding trends for 2020 weddings strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern affairs. Check out our favourite wedding trends here.